How Dennison Group helped Bluetree become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies?

The printing industry is a tough and challenging market. New technologies play a vital role, but there are other important considerations for organisations wanting to grow profitably and increase market share.

Bluetree Group is a case in point. Over the past few years it has more than tripled the size of its factory and is among the UK’s 100 fastest-growing private companies. So how have they achieved this?

Smart investments in web-to-print and digital technologies, where much of print growth is concentrated these days, have been key to Bluetree’s success. In addition, their dedication to customer service has earned them top ratings, consolidating customer trust and winning new business.

Dennison Group – the secret weapon

However, one of their secret weapons has been the expert team of technicians making a lasting contribution to their overall equipment efficiency ratings. Roy Milner is Managing Director of UK based Dennison Group, a leading provider of technical services to the print industry and a long term partner with Bluetree. He recalls some of Bluetree’s early challenges–and how his team of experts helped to meet them.

“Bluetree was always known for the high quality of its work, so when they moved into digital print, high levels of performance were vital. To achieve the results they needed, Bluetree needed repair and maintenance experts willing to put in many hours at short notice to resolve technical issues and keep production running.

“Some manufacturers were neither willing nor able to provide this level of support. Bluetree turned to our team, knowing that whatever it took to solve a problem, we would stick with it and find a solution.”

With the skills and experience to deliver these levels of outstanding service for equipment ranging from second user prepress machines requiring constant maintenance through to new digital printers, the Dennison team successfully met expectations to reduce the frequency of repair.

An essential part of the Bluetree machine

As a result, the team was commissioned for many more installations and maintenance projects at Bluetree, working on a range of the most up to date digital prepress and industrial inkjet machines. Because of the level of trust between the companies, Bluetree often rely on Dennisons during the sales cycle, secure in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, they will be there to fix things immediately.

The Dennison team is also there for Bluetree when it comes to the latest technologies. Dennison Group represents numerous leading global manufacturers, installing equipment on their behalf. Investing in the latest print technology is core to Bluetree’s strategy, but new technology requires highly trained technicians who can take on the challenges presented by the very latest developments.

Benchmark quality installations

When Bluetree purchased their first HP Scitex flatbed industrial inkjet printer they specifically requested Dennison engineers for the install; this is still considered to be the benchmark installation for that machine. Today, Dennison Group is a leading installer worldwide for manufacturers of the very latest digital printing equipment.

Bluetree has grown from an award winning screen printer to a market leader in web-to-print and digital large format printing. They have moved with the times and embraced technology from leading manufacturers including Agfa, Durst, Fuji, Inca Digital, Scodix and Screen, supported by Dennison Group throughout this journey.

Adam Carnell, Managing Director of Bluetree Group, commented on the contribution made by the Dennisons team. “Support like this was essential to Bluetree’s fast growth. With thousands of quality-conscious customers, the company is constantly upgrading and buying new equipment, and cannot afford a slow learning curve. Therefore the support of expert, reliable technicians helped keep our growth and market momentum strong.”